Two men and a door bitch

Radio documentary for ABC Radio National, Australia.
Two men and a door bitch

The story is about two young men who are on a quest for happiness in the glare of the bright lights of the city but a key to their success is getting past the door bitch.
The laws of the jungle can be very fickle and unjust.
Johnny works at a burger joint, in between writing his novel and other distractions. Mark is a recruitment consultant. They have both come from smaller places to try and make it in Sydney and are keen to go out on the weekend to meet girls, dance and drink. The difference is: one of them walks straight into nightclubs without a problem while the other one is not that fortunate. What is the difference between these two young men and how does the ‘door bitch’ decide whether she will open the door, or simply ditch?
Does a good job, success with women and a busy social life make you happy? Meet the winner and the loser and decide for yourself.