Podcast production

I’m a podcast producer working on a freelance basis with clients such as MTG Radio, Aller Media, Bonnierförlagen, Lofsangruppen and World Economic Forum.

Interested in doing a podcast? Email: gabriellalahti@gmail.com

Oh and by the way – I can also help you with your own little podcast studio. This one belongs to Elle Magazine in Stockholm, Sweden. We added some insulation to give the sound that little extra quality update!




Nattluft dricker öl med Hipsterphotografen


I det tredje avsnittet träffar Gabriella Lahti en person som på Instagram kallar sig för Hipsterphotografen. Han smygfotar “hipsters” och skriver intressanta kommentarer om dem. Men vad är en hipster och vad vill han få ut av detta? Välkommen till en stökig bar, någonstans på Södermalm. Välkommen till Nattluft.

Musik: Dumbsaint

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Pod to the cast!

Since I am a fan of podcast radio I have decided to start producing my very own podcast. It will be in Swedish, to start with.

The podcast will be about people. People I meet and whose story I want to share. If you have ideas of someone you think I should meet, please let me know. You can simply just Tweet me or contact me on gabriellalahti@gmail.com.

Stay tuned!

Gabriella Lahti